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Facebook Toolkit

What is it?

In this project for Play4Tomorrow, I developed an application that mirrors the earliest version of Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg. The goal was not to replicate, but to offer a practical toolkit for other students to design and launch their own applications. By utilizing, a platform that allows for app development without coding, the project aimed to make the app creation process accessible and straightforward.


My approach to this project involved a self-directed learning strategy, primarily using’s educational materials and YouTube tutorials to understand the fundamentals of this software. Before tackling the main project, I experimented with smaller apps to familiarize myself with’s functionalities. I faced several technical challenges during the process, especially during the workflow stage of this project. 

As a result, I took a two-week intensive training session with a expert. This phase was important to gain better insights into workflow optimization and troubleshooting techniques. After a lot of iterative design, I was able to navigate through these challenges.


The completion of this project led to a functional and educational app that acts as a toolkit for students interested in app development without needing to know how to code. This app was successful in its testing stage, proving that it’s a valuable tool for learning and building.

Working on this project improved my app development skills and showed me the real power of no-code platforms. Now, students can use this toolkit to easily create their own applications. This means that more people can turn their ideas into apps without the hurdle of learning complex coding.