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What is FlixVerse?

FlixVerse is a movie app concept introducing Genie, a smart AI assistant designed to help users discover films. Genie interacts with users to understand their moods and cinematic tastes, curating tailored movie suggestions for a personalized viewing experience. what kind of movies you’re into and how you’re feeling, then suggests films that match your mood and taste. It’s all about giving you a personalized list of movies so you can spend less time searching and more time watching.


Ever had a movie night where you just can’t decide what to watch? You end up scrolling forever, overwhelmed by the choices, or just rewatching something you’ve seen a bunch of times. The main issue is that most apps don’t really get you — they can’t pick out movies based on your current mood or what you’re really in the mood to watch.


This project wasn’t just about making another movie app. It was about creating a better, more personalized way to connect people with the movies they love. By focusing on a simple, engaging UX and using AI, FlixVerse turns the chore of choosing a movie into part of the fun.